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If you're fan of Derrick Pierce, you know how arousing and exciting his performances are! Sexy DP Stories is YOUR chance to write a story, personal fantasy scenario, scene suggestions/ideas, feelings, fiction, non-fiction, or even sexy, erotic love poetry - that express the way Derrick and his hot, powerful performances make you feel. This is a man who inspires strong feelings in his fans, so here is your chance to let HIM know exactly how you feel. You can write about the first time you ever saw him in a scene - whatever you want! It doesn't have to be a story with a plot, and there's no minimum word length, although we'd prefer that it be at least a few paragraphs long. The only guideline is that it be about Derrick or involve him in some way (i.e. it can't be a general erotica-themed story).

We are opening this up to all his fans - girls and guys - and you can be as explicit as you want. Don't be shy! Is there a scene you saw him in that rocked your world? Most of his fans have our TOP FAVES and we know you do too! Did you get steamy wet or rock hard watching him in action? Did you toss and turn at night, trying to sleep after seeing that ripped bod of his or those deep and sensuous blue eyes? Was there a hot female co-star that he fucked crazy who really turned you on? You can use a pen name, be completely anon, whatever you want when submitting your thoughts.

Your story or submission remains your copyright and property. We will keep it in our archive for other fans to read and enjoy! And here's the best part: Derrick will see your story, he'll read it, and it'll rock HIS world! So, show your love and let him know how you REALLY feel!



The Sexy DP Stories collection is one of the most popular areas here at DPxxxstar. Derrick loves reading all the erotically creative scenarios his adoring fans dream up! (NOTE: At this time, we aren't doing story contests - even though he would love to judge/read all the stories, his schedule is so busy these days it isn't possible. But who knows? Maybe we'll bring the contest back in the future?! In the meantime...enjoy!)


The LUCKY winner will receive a private webcam date with

Derrick Pierce!


The winner chosen by Derrick is:

Kat Woodyard

The Good Liaison


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